Welcome to our quick guide on south western Sardinia!

We aim to giving you several tips on things to see and do during your stay in this part of the island.

If you are a guest of Casa Teulada, may these article get you up and running in minutes, so you get the most of your time in our area.

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Enjoy your stay!


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Porto Pino White Sands

Photo of the day #italytravel #sardiniaholiday : Porto Pino with its fantastic White Sand Dunes.

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Porto Pino Beach

Porto Pino Beach – 15 minutes from Casa Teulada


Simply breathtaking: the biggest sand dunes in Sardinia and some of the biggest in the Mediterranean. An idyllic beach near Teulada. Click on the links above to view White Sands!

The Whispering Wind - Lexa Dudley

What's a perfect holiday read while in Sardinia? Here's a suggestion we found

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‚The Whispering Wind‘ by Lexa Dudley, the perfect holiday read
A heart-breaking romantic novel, set in Sardinia, the perfect holiday read and a wonderful insight into the island’s people, culture and traditions.


Top 3 Reasons to plan a holiday in Sardinia: Outstanding Beaches, Unique Culture & Amazing Countryside

SARDEGNA a Myth in the Mediterranean Sea – PROMO- OFFICIAL VERSION YT © Go To Net Studios

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You may want to check this amazing video, which is also featured on our homepage. A very inspiring portrait of Sardinia, a memorable island that’s got lots to offer to everyone: from fabulous beaches, to rich culture, authentic locals, ancient ruins, great food and the list can go on and on.

Click image above to access video.