Sardinia Cow Beach

Have you ever seen cows soaking up the sun on one of Sardinia’s best beaches…

Have you ever seen cows soaking up the sun on one of Sardinia’s best beaches?

The beach in the following video is the so called ‚Cow Beach‘, found on the coast between Chia and Teulada, on southwestern Sardinia.

You can view its location on our ‚Top 10 Beaches in South Western Sardinia‚ article and it is here that you can bump into a half dozen cows soaking up the sun in total tranquillity and relax during the off-season! We’ve been driving along this road all year round, saw it in all its majestic splendor and its breathtaking charm every month of the year, and trust us, it really is a spectacular road.

Every now and then something catches your eyes and you cannot but stop and think how beautiful nature is and how different life can be, when see from another point of view. Here you see cows doing what YOU would love to do, and that tells you a little bit about how fabulous Sardinia is: a place like no other.

Have you ever seen anything similar? If so, where?

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Top Beach Restaurant in Chia (Südwesten Sardiniens)

Turredda Beach, Teulada



Set about 15 minutes by car from Casa Teulada, Tuerredda Beach is probably the most famous beach of south western Sardinia. Due to its proximity to Chia and the hordes of holiday makers flocking there in the summer, Tuerredda beach may get a bit ‚overcrowded‘ during the peak summer months.

Nevertheless, the beach is always breathtaking and you can easily spot a place all to yourself, given its size.

South western Sardinia still retains its authentic flair, which makes it so inviting and irresistible to those seeking a unique holiday destination. This means many beaches are still intact and local municipalities hardly grant temporary permissions to open up anything on the coast. That said, a few exceptions are made from mid June to mid September, when a few beaches host cafés, stands and restaurants.

So you can choose whether you want to go to a ‚rustic‘ or  ‚furnished‘ beach!

Tuerredda Beach Restaurant

Open roughly between mid June and mid September, this restaurant is ‚right on the beach‘, meaning you can sit down after a fantastic swim  and sample some delicious dishes. It can get a bit crowded around lunchtime, but it can be an absolute delight for dinner! Take a look at the short video we shot while there in August:

Menu is essential, with a yummy choice of entrées, seafood pasta dishes and second courses. Seafood is of course sovereign and as such a bit pricey too. What can you ask for with such a location? 😉


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Sardinia Video

An Introduction to Sardinia

An image says more than a thousand words…and videos tell whole stories. We would like to show you some of what Sardinia has to offer and in doing so we’ll be selecting meaningful videos that you can watch in preparation for your holiday.

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Best Music Video Clip im Südwesten Sardiniens (Ligabue)

Italian rockstar Luciano Ligabue shot a fantastic video right on the coast between Chia and Teulada. A great chance to see some awesome views while listening to some great, energetic music.

The video starts with a view of the Capo Spartivento lighthouse, a wonderfully restored 5 star luxury hotel, which is also the setting for our opening image on this blog.


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