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VIRTUELLE PANORAMATOUR 360 – Südwesten Sardiniens, Teil 1

South Western Sardinia is truly a unique experience. When you think about unspoiled beaches, pristine coastline and breathtaking views this is what you get here. We crafted a series of truly stunning yet simply reliable virtual tours of the area between Chia and Teulada, thanks to our good friend Mauro Bricca: a successful vacation rental […]


When it comes to going on a beach holiday and you choose Sardinia you can’t go wrong. Here’s a list of the top 10 beaches (with amazing photos) of southwestern Sardinia: a stretch of about 40 km of coastline not to miss

Shared from antonio and Cristina at https://casateulada.com Make sure you check out a beautiful list of the top 10 beaches in southwestern Sardinia. Just an hour from Cagliari, Sardinia’s main gateway, the coast leading to Chia and Teulada has it all: beaches for sun seekers, kite surfers, nature lovers, party goers and heaven seekers. Click […]

Sardinia Cow Beach

Have you ever seen cows soaking up the sun on one of Sardinia’s best beaches…

Have you ever seen cows soaking up the sun on one of Sardinia’s best beaches? The beach in the following video is the so called ‚Cow Beach‘, found on the coast between Chia and Teulada, on southwestern Sardinia. You can view its location on our ‚Top 10 Beaches in South Western Sardinia‚ article and it […]