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Top 10 Strände im Südwesten Sardiniens

  It’s not an easy task to name the top 10 beaches in south western Sardinia. There are way more than that! We’ll give you a rough guide, so you can pick up a different one every day (and still miss out on the others if you don’t stay more than 10 days…). They are […]

Top Beach Restaurant in Chia (Südwesten Sardiniens)

Turredda Beach, Teulada   Set about 15 minutes by car from Casa Teulada, Tuerredda Beach is probably the most famous beach of south western Sardinia. Due to its proximity to Chia and the hordes of holiday makers flocking there in the summer, Tuerredda beach may get a bit ‚overcrowded‘ during the peak summer months. Nevertheless, […]

Sardinia Video

An Introduction to Sardinia An image says more than a thousand words…and videos tell whole stories. We would like to show you some of what Sardinia has to offer and in doing so we’ll be selecting meaningful videos that you can watch in preparation for your holiday.