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Turredda Beach, Teulada

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Set about 15 minutes by car from Casa Teulada, Tuerredda Beach is probably the most famous beach of south western Sardinia. Due to its proximity to Chia and the hordes of holiday makers flocking there in the summer, Tuerredda beach may get a bit ‘overcrowded’ during the peak summer months.

Nevertheless, the beach is always breathtaking and you can easily spot a place all to yourself, given its size.

South western Sardinia still retains its authentic flair, which makes it so inviting and irresistible to those seeking a unique holiday destination. This means many beaches are still intact and local municipalities hardly grant temporary permissions to open up anything on the coast. That said, a few exceptions are made from mid June to mid September, when a few beaches host cafés, stands and restaurants.

So you can choose whether you want to go to a ‘rustic’ or  ‘furnished’ beach!

Tuerredda Beach Restaurant

Open roughly between mid June and mid September, this restaurant is ‘right on the beach’, meaning you can sit down after a fantastic swim  and sample some delicious dishes. It can get a bit crowded around lunchtime, but it can be an absolute delight for dinner! Take a look at the short video we shot while there in August:

Menu is essential, with a yummy choice of entrées, seafood pasta dishes and second courses. Seafood is of course sovereign and as such a bit pricey too. What can you ask for with such a location? 😉


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Virtual Tour 360
Virtual Tour 360

Virtual Tour 360 – South Western Sardinia, Part 1

South Western Sardinia is truly a unique experience. When you think about unspoiled beaches, pristine coastline and breathtaking views this is what you get here.

We crafted a series of truly stunning yet simply reliable virtual tours of the area between Chia and Teulada, thanks to our good friend Mauro Bricca: a successful vacation rental owner, expert photographer and savvy entrepreneur who turned a passion into a remarkable occupation.

We owe him most of the breathtaking atmosphere he was able to capture while venturing onto our stretch of unforgettable coastline.

Click the image below and…Enjoy!

Virtual Tour 360

Have you ever been there?


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Virtual Tour 360

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As two researchers of the University of Cagliari were diving in the waters of Masua (West Sardinian coast) to keep record of the sea turtles, they discovered by chance a turtle which was struggling for its life: it had a hook stuck in its throat. Fortunately, it was its lucky day !

The turtle was hoisted into the volunteers' boat and then transferred to the Sea Turtle and Cetaceans Rescue Center of Nora (near Pula), where it was operated and then released to the sea at completed recovery.

Visit the Sea Turtle Rescue Center to learn more about the wonderful work these biologists, environmentalists and experienced divers are doing to save the sea and its inhabitants: www.lagunadinora.it.
Nora is only a 20 min drive away from Chia.

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Photo credit: http://www.sardiniapost.it/

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